Our preschool program is designed to introduce dance to young children and teach these tiny dancers to love dance through fun Ballet and Tap exercises. They are introduced to the fundamentals of Ballet and Tap as well as the process of learning choreography. In these classes, students learn how to incorporate skipping, jumping, hopping and other movement into coordinated dance combinations.

Our combo classes are designed for students ranging in age from five to eight and offer multiple dance styles and performance training into one class.  Whether it’s Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, Jazz or Musical Theatre, these combo classes allow students to be exposed to a variety of dance styles in a fun learning environment.

What to Wear

  • Any color leotard; skirt or shorts are optional
  • Pink stretch Ballet II shoes and slip-on student black Tap shoes
  • Hair pulled away from the face

Required Dance Apparel for Classes

  • Pink Stretch Ballet
  • Black U-Shell Tap Shoe
  • Any color leotard, classic pink tights, skirt/shorts is optional
  • Hair pulled out of their face

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