Studio Policies & Payment Procedures


New student registration is $40.00 and returning student registration is $30.00. The fee is due prior to the first class.


Tuition is based on the number of hours the student is enrolled in at the beginning of the month, not the student’s attendance throughout the month. All payments are due by the 25th for the upcoming month. For example: October tuition is billed and due on September 25th. All payments will incur a 20% late fee if paid after the 5th of the month. 

***Company Dancers will be required to pay tuition either by ACH due on the first of the month (* If the 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday the ACH will be debited on the following Monday) or by credit card due on the 25th of the month.


There are no refunds on any payments made to Studio 413, including but not limited to, classes, competitions, shows, costumes fees, convention fees, etc. Class payment fees will not be prorated if your child misses a class for any reason. If a dancer misses class it is their responsibility to see their teacher in order to make up the class within that month.

Unpaid Balance

Anyone who has an outstanding balance at the end of the month (i.e. monthly class fee, competition fee, costume fee, show fees, etc.) will not be allowed to participate in dance class until the balance has been paid in full..

Family Discount

A family discount is offered to anyone who has 2 or more dancers in its immediate family. To find the total cost for a family, separately find each dancer’s class cost under “Pricing” (based on the number of total classes) and add each of those costs together, then take 10% off of that total.

Payment Method

Cash, Checks, Visa/MasterCard/Discover, money order or cashiers check are all acceptable forms of payment. All checks should be made out to Studio 413. You can place payments in the payment drop box in the lobby. You can also make payments online at our Studio Director site. You can make recurring payments as well. A returned check fee of $25.00 will be charged on all returned checks. If a check is returned the only acceptable form of payment at that time will be Visa/MasterCard/Discover, money order or cashiers check.

COMPANY Parent ACH Bank Draft

Dropped Classes

If you drop a class for any reason you must provide 30 days notice by email or letter; otherwise you will be charged $20.00.

Referral System

If you refer a student to Studio 413 and they register by the end of the month you receive a $10.00 credit for each new student that is registered and has paid in full. You will need to email Vicky at to let her know the name of the new student. This can only be applied once a year.

Spring Show 2022

If you are a registered student you are required to participate in the show.  The recital fee is due with your NOVEMBER 1st TUITION.

* The recital fee is $120.00 for non-company dancers and $150.00 for company dancers. Please make your payment with a separate check or credit card and in the memo indicate “recital fee.”  This fee includes your recital photos on an electronic file for your download, recital t-shirt.  T-shirts will be given out to families during check-out week.  Check out week will be mid April.

Costume deposits are due no later than DECEMBER 1ST  and are $70.00 per class/costume.

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Hours per week

.75 minutes$70.004.25 hours$157.00
1 hour$80.004.50 hours$160.00
1.25 hours$85.004.75 hours$162.00
1.50 hours$90.005.00 hours$165.00
1.75 hours$95.005.25 hours$167.00
2.00 hours$115.005.50 hours$170.00
2.25 hours$120.005.75 hours$172.00
2.50 hours$125.006.00 hours$175.00
2.75 hours$130.006.25 hours$177.00
3.00 hours$135.006.50 hours$180.00
3.25 hours$140.006.75 hours$182.00
3.50 hours$145.007.00 hours$185.00
3.75 hours$150.007.25 hours$187.00
4.00 hours$155.007.50 hours$190.00
.25= 15 Minutes .50=30 Minutes .75=45 Minutes