Do you want to take dance classes?

“Do you want to take dance classes? You can wear fun costumes and be on a stage!”…we said to our daughter when she was 4. “Ok!” she said, and the rest is history! Thinking back on the last 6 years, we see smiles, we hear music…so much music, we feel blessed and we realize that our daughter has been a part of something much bigger than being on a stage in fun costumes!

Being a dancer has its benefits. It keeps you fit, improves your coordination, promotes artistry, sparks creativity, instills discipline and it’s fun! At Studio 413, all of these things are covered. At a top-notch level, I should add. So, our daughter is well conditioned, practices the finest technique, participates in amazing performances, conventions and competitions (in really fun costumes J). But that’s just the beginning! She has found a special family away from home, truly.

413 is where her best friends are. It’s where other parents and grandparents who love her are, cheering her on, braiding her hair and sharing snacks and hugs after a long day.It’s where her teachers are who help her discover strengths she didn’t know she had and show her how to soar with her talent, but also remind her to be grounded in faith and compassion. They make her laugh, help her build confidence, hold her accountable and make her feel LOVED!

Our family feels her joy, whether it’s when we see her dancing in the kitchen, excited to show us the newest combo, or on the stage under the lights. We look forward tomany more moments like this in the years to come. We couldn’t be happier that our daughter has found a place like 413. At 4 years old, when this all started, our daughter was a quiet observer. She was even shy around close family. Studio 413 has provided her with exceptional training and awesome opportunities. But dearest to our hearts, is the confidence and passion she has developed and the loving encouragement that this studio shows her each day.



Studio 413 is an award-winning dance studio offering training and performance opportunities for beginner and advanced dancers. Located near Memphis in Collierville, TN, Studio 413 opened in 2004 and trains dancers in a variety of styles including Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Contemporary/Lyrical.

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